About Us

Evergreen Cannabis Society is a non-profit society committed to providing the highest quality, organically grown cannabis available in Vancouver. Our highly trained staff are happy to discuss your needs and offer the proper strain for you. We are not just looking to get you high and will not sell you something that may offer any adverse effects for your condition. Situated on West 4th Avenue in the heart of beautiful Kitsilano, we are your community center for grown ups! Local art is always on display and touring bands come in for meet and greet sessions! If you are a local artist or would like to use our space for an information session, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Evergreen Cannabis Society is proud to provide a ‘green’ option to its members. We believe in working together with the community by offering education and advocacy for the benefits of cannabis. We are committed to green causes and a portion of our proceeds are donated to environmental associations.

All of our cannabis products are organically grown, locally sourced from trusted, craft, artisan growers and laboratory tested for quality and purity.

We offer a wide selection of medicinal products in many forms other than the usual smokeables, including: Tinctures, Phoenix Tears, Capsules, Healing Soaps and Bath Bombs, all infused with THC or CBD (Cannabidiol) or both, as well as a range of Topical Creams and Balms, Canna Teas, CannaLife brand Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. We also carry some of the best Cannabis Vaporizers on the market at very reasonable prices, including the PAX 2 and the new PAX 3 as well as the Arizer Extreme Q and our new Cannatek Co2 Extract Vape Pens.
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