BLUE VIPER – ORGANICALLY GROWN 95 / 5 Sativa 21% THC. Uplifted, energy, euphoric, creative. Good for depression, stress, fatigue, focus. $11 gram / $33 eighth

ORANGE CRUSH –  ORGANICALLY GROWN 80 / 20 sativa  26% THC. Uplifted, happy, relaxed, energy, creative. Good for stress, depression, headaches, pain. $12 gram / $36 eighth

BLUE DREAM – ORGANICALLY GROWN 50 / 50 hybrid. 24% THC 2% CBD. Feels extremely sativa. Happy, relaxing, creative, euphoric. Good for stress, depression, pain, appetite. $10 gram / $30 eighth.

ALIEN OG  – ORGANICALLY GROWN 60 / 40 Indica 26% THC  0.2% CBD. Relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted. Good for anxiety, stress, depression, pain. $10 gram / $30 eighth

PURPLE OG – ORGANICALLY GROWN 70 / 30 Indica 18% THC 1% CBD. Relax, silly, body high, euphoric. Good for stress, pain, insomnia, depression. $9 / $27 eighth

GRANDDADDY PURPLE  – ORGANICALLY GROWN 75 /25 Indica 23% THC. Relax, euphoric, sleepy, creative. Good for stress, insomnia, pain, migraines. $12 gram / $36  eighth

PINK KUSH – ORGANICALLY GROWN 90/10 Indica. 18% THC 1% CBD. Relaxing, uplifting, sedating. Good for pain, sleep, depression, libido, pms. $9 gram / $27 eighth

OMRITA RX – ORGANICALLY GROWN High CBD strain 12% CBD / 7% THC. Romulan Joe / F. Incredible cross. For seizures, cancer, diabetes and more $8 gram / $24 eighth

Free 0.5 gram for every 3 grams of the same strain purchased: Pay for 3 grams = get 3.5 grams. Pay for 6 grams = get 7 grams


– Dry sift, tricomb heads. $25 gram / $75 eighth

Blue Lemon Jack, sativa – $70 gram
Thai Poison, sativa – $40 halfgram
CBD Cherry Pie, 43% CBD 22.5% THC $65 gram

Moby Dick Hybrid – $40 half gram
Harmony, Sativa Hybrid – $35 half gram
Watermelon, Sativa Hybrid – $40 half gram
Big Dreams, Sativa Hybrid – $35 half gram
Chocolope, Sativa – $40 half gram

TREEMO SLIMS PEN REFILL CARTRIDGES – 350mg THC. Indica, Hybrid and Sativa options $45

TREEMO SLIMS PEN – with charger $22

MEDICINAL CANNABIS CONCENTRATE– by Tree Of Life (“Phoenix Tears”, Simpson Oil, RSO) Laboratory tested at 851.10mg THC and 100mg CBD $30

THC MEDICINAL CANNABIS CONCENTRATE  – by Tree Of Life  aka “Cherry Oil” Laboratory tested at 763mg THC and 9.2mg CBD $25

CBD MEDICINAL CANNABIS CONCENTRATE  – by Tree Of Life. Laboratory tested at 330mg CBD $66


CBD CAPSULES– by Hayley Rose Foundation. 24.38mg CBD 0.7.3mg THC 1.68mg CBDA 1.83mg CBC $3 each or 10 for $25

CBD CAPSULES – by Cannamed. Extracted from Cannatonic strain, 4:1 CBD:THC. 5gm – $ 2, 15mg – $4 + tax

THC CAPSULES  by Cannamed. Extremely potent THC resin in coconut oil. Sativa or Indica  5mg – $2, 15mg – $4,  25mg – $6, 50mg -$10 + tax

THC INFUSED OLIVE OIL by Cannalife. Organic extra virgin olive oil infused with pink bubba (indica). 20mg thc per teaspoon.  35ml – $10 + tax,       200ml – $40 + tax.

THC INFUSED COCONUT OIL by Cannalife. Infused with White Castle (hybrid). 25mg thc per teaspoon.  200ml – $50 + tax.

THC SYRUP by Living Leaf Remedies. Available in a variety of all natural flavors. Add one cap full to any drink to infuse with 25mg THC. Contains 756mg THC per bottle. $80 + tax

TINCTURE by Cronica Farms. Lemon T (Sativa) or Pink K (Indica) 300mg THC per 25ml Bottle. $45 + tax. Trial sized 60mg THC 5ml bottle $20 + tax

CBD TINCTURE – Pure CBD extract in MCT carrier oil. Alcohol free. 25ml bottle. 100mg CBD – $25 + tax / 250mg CBD  $50 + tax


INFUSED MASSAGE OIL by Cannalife. Grapeseed oil infused with cannabis.  Apply topically as a massage oil or use as a bath oil. Very good for arthritis, pain relief, etc…100ml.
Unscented: $25 + tax
Scented: Invigorating, Sensual, Soothing or Balancing: $26 +tax

INFUSED PLEASURE OIL by Cannalife.  A topical cannabis aphrodisiac to activate pleasure zones. This ancient formula uses the sacred essential oils of myrrh and frankincense with cannabis to bring blood flow and sensation to the area. 10ml $17 + tax

INFUSED BATH SOAK AND SCRUB by Cannamed. 100% natural medicated bath salt crystals. Relieve (rosemary, peppermint, lavender), Calm (cedarwood, vanilla) and Elevate (eucalyptus, geranium and bergamat) 6oz. $13 +tax

TEA by Cannamed. Very relaxing and healing, mix any fat (olive oil, coconut milk, etc) into the pot and THC will be activated. Each teabag makes 3 pots of tea. Assorted flavors. 3 teabags for $10 plus tax.

BATH BOMB by Cannamed. Nourishing, and you absorb the thc while you soak.  $10 +tax

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